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Alpha's Artshop

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1Alpha's Artshop Empty Alpha's Artshop on Sat Jan 26, 2013 7:40 pm

~*Alpha's Art Shop*~

Hey, it's me Zac Flare here and I started making more pictures like display pictures and signatures but signatures are still a work in the process! Here is my Art Shop where I yes do take request but they must wait patiently for it!

Weekly I will post 2-5 pictures every Sunday! So, if I make a picture for you you can message me and let me know if it is okay for me to use it for my art wall of Epicness!!!Anyway as you can see below is the art request form along with examples of my artwork hope you enjoy the art. Have a nice day

Picture Form-

Picture of:
What Done to It:
Picture ( If you want a specific Picture):
Okay to Post in Art work ( yes or no):

Examples of Artwork:

Alpha's Artshop Th_th210

Alpha's Artshop Babyth14

Alpha's Artshop MVP

Alpha's Artshop Tessipoo

Alpha's Artshop Infernape2

Alpha's Artshop Untitled-1

Alpha's Artshop 18515538

Alpha's Artshop Excadrill-1

Alpha's Artshop Cresselia_by_xous54-d3fg0ru-1

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